आधार कार्ड करिता अर्ज


कृपया खालील अर्जात माहिती भरा

Aadhar Enrolment is free and voluntary. Correction within 96 hours of enrolment is also free. No charges are applicable for form and Aadhar enrolment. In case of correction, provide your EID, Name and only that field which needs correction
In case of correction, provide your EID number here:
1 Pre-Enrolment ID: 2 NPR Receipt/TIN Number:
3 Full Name:
House No/Bldg/Apt: Street/Road/Lane:
Landmark: Area/Locality/Sector:
Village/Town/City: Post Office:
District: State:
Email: Mobile: Pin:
Details of:
For Children below five years Father/Mother/Guardian's details are mandatory. Adults can opt not to specify this information, if they cannot/do not want to disclose.     
Full Name:
EID/Aadhar No.:
8 I have no objection to the UIDAI sharing information provided by me to the UIDAI with agencies engaged in delivery of public services icluding welfare services.
9 Select: one of the below (OPTIONAL) ( This data cannot be Corrected after Enrolment)

Verification Type:
Select only one of the above. Select Introducer or Head of the Family only if you do not posses any document ary proof of identity and/or address. Introducer ans Head of the Family details are not required in case of document based verification.
10 For Document Based (Write names of the documents produced. Refer back side of this form for list of valid documents)
a. POI b. POA
c. DOB d. POR
(DOB is Mandatory in case of verified Date fo Birth)
For Introducer Based -
Introducer's Aadhar No.
For HoF Based-
Details of:
I hereby confirm the identity and address of as being true, correct and accurate.

I confirm that information (including biometrics) provided by me to the UIDAI and the information contained herein is my own and is true, correct and accurate.