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IBM has taken lead for Smart Cities. According to them, Smart City are cities of the future and will run completely on technology— be it for electricity, water, sanitation or recycling; ensuring 24/7 water supply, traffic and transport systems that use data analytics to provide efficient solutions to ease commuting, automated building security and surveillance systems, requiring minimal human intervention, and Wi-Fi-powered open spaces and houses that ensure always-on, high-speed connectivity.



Cisco and IL&FS Technologies Ltd. Collaborate to Develop Smart Cities and Digital Infrastructure in India. Both companies planning to develop Internet of Everything (IoE) based digital solutions to enable Digital India vision The two companies will jointly go to market to pursue growing opportunities in the infrastructure sector and smart cities in India

The key is creative use of new technologies that are emerging in the Internet of Everything economy, over and above the growth of current data sources.

City leadership must understand how the components of IoE — people, process, data, and things — play specific roles, and work together, to enable our future cities and communities.



Globally, Siemens is one of the leading solution providers for setting up intelligent (smart), sustainable cities. With solutions for smart grid, building technologies, mobility and power distribution, Siemens has successfully set up smart cities in Vienna and New York, and is already involved in the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) Program of the Government of India for installing smart grid solutions in multiple cities in India.



Surat partners with Microsoft to become a smart city

Under the ‘Smart City’ initiative, Microsoft aims use a combination of cloud technology, mobile applications, data analytics and social networks to provide real-time data of all civic services. Systems will also be developed to tackle natural disasters more effectively with the use of information technology.