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According to the United Nations, by the year 2050, 80% of the world will be living in urban areas. The equivalent of seven Manhattan size cities will be built each year until 2050. For these cities to thrive they must use smart technology to its fullest. Let’s take a look at what’s available now and what’s coming down the pipe.

1. Home automation

2. Water recycle and conservation

3. Parking analysis

4. Transportation sensors

5. Smart Grid

6. Solar energy

7. Urban wind turbines

8. LED lighting

9. Smart thermostats

10. Vertical farming

The    Coming Soon  technologies

11. NFC technology.

12. Facial recognition security surveillance

13. Peak usage levels and smart meters

14. Healthcare technology

15. High-tech bike sharing

16. Tintable smart glass

17. Fuel cell technology

18. Space saving folding vehicles

19. Language barrier breakdown