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Smart Street Lights

Smart Energy Saving Street lights

Street lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for a city and a single street light can emit 200 kg of CO2 each year. It increases cities need to save energy or do more with less energy, reduce carbon emission, lower operating and maintenance cost.

Smart street lighting system lay the foundation for becoming a smart city by reducing electricity cost by upto 50% and providing better living environments with more reliable and safer lighting.

We transform streetlights from simple roadway illumination devices into one of the most valuable smart city assets. We provide affordable wireless solution for outdoor lighting system using best products.

Outdoor lighting systems are evaluated for how well they reduce energy consumption and serve as the foundation for a range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

We offer a sophisticated approach to outdoor lighting control that makes it smart and increase the safety and efficiency.

The smart street light automation system in addition to reducing energy consumption and maintenance cost also reduces crime during night hours.

For monitoring smart street light system, web interface is created and used to control and maintain the system remotely.

Our philosophy is that great products must be supported by first class technical and customer support. During night all the lights on the highway remain ON for the vehicles, but lots of energy is wasted when there is nobody on the road. Our system reduces this loss of energy by sensing an approaching vehicle or person and then switches ON a block of street lights ahead of the vehicle / person. As it passes by, the trailing lights switch OFF automatically. Thus, we save a lot of energy. So when there is no movement on the streets, then all or maximum of the lights remain OFF as per the settings defined by our software.

Our smart street light system is developed using LEDs and

  1. microcontroller based device “Particle” which is a complete Wi-Fi enabled development platform for creating connected devices with ease
  2. LDR , which is a light sensing device used for automatic switching street light ON / OFF
  3. PIR motion sensor which is used to identify the passage of vehicle or a person giving an input to turn street light ON when required during night hours.

During day time the LEDs will be in off state. During night if presence sensor is not producing any output only few predefined LEDs will turn ON and the rest will be in OFF state. When the PIR sensor produces output then entire array turns on for a predefined time.


Benefits of using LEDs in street lighting system

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Long and predictable life time
  • Reliability
  • Environmental friendly