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We offer a broad range of professional and development services that combine to make a real difference to our clients and
the communities in which we work

We help establish the best way to deliver smart cities.

We  can design  interfaces that help  to  build   functional web services for citizens and city officials, making visible the invisible
patterns of activity in the city. Informatics  provides the public interface onto the smart city.
Business systems and architecture
We  design  the broad range of technologies  that deliver smart city projects. Our first step is to develop an enterprise architecture
including key requirements, information systems and a supporting technical infrastructure.  Specifications can then be
developed to support costing and tendering.
We define the information systems smart  cities are built upon.
The design of telecoms infrastructure is a  key component of smart solutions.  We are  experienced in the design of infrastructure
on major projects. Our capabilities include regulatory strategy,   mobile communications infrastructure, and site wide IT services (such as datacentres, control room,  Smart Apps).
Future proofing infrastructure is a defining aspect of smart cities.



Our range of services covers strategy , development, organisation, urban informatics, business systems and architecture, and infrastructure advice that, taken together or individually, will help deliver smart services. We apply these services at city scale, on urban developments or for specific areas including transportation, utilities, property and eGovernment services.