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Wi Fi Services

We  can provide  fully Integrated  Wi-Fi  Solutions  with    Equipment,  Technology ,  Installation and Maintenance  on a  Turnkey basis.  We  can also  work  as  your Partner  with a  Revenue  sharing Model.

We can  Provide  Solutions  for   :

  • City Wifi  Services
  • Town Wifi Services
  • Railway  Wifi Services
  • Residential Colonies  Wifi Services
  • Campus  Wifi  Services   for  institutions
  • University Campus  Wifi  Services

Why Wi-Fi?

  • Wi-Fi     interface is available in all smartphone, tablets and PCs.
  • Wi-Fi offers a high-capacity connection and It is omnipresent
  • Wi-Fi uses unlicensed spectrum.
  • Wi-Fi is easy and faster to deploy.
  • Wi-Fi simultaneously support a number of service including public and private to many provider users.
  • Wi-Fi is easiest, secure and most reliable media to provide 24 hrs connectivity with mobility

Technology Brief

Next Generation Mesh Wi-Fi Technology enables us to deliver Quality Internet using   Wi-Fi routers to the million of users of a City

What we provide?

  • Service As seamless as 3G mobile
  • Highly secure two phase authentication with WAP2-Enterprise EAP with digital certificate
  • Failover Layer Mesh Wi-Fi to cover complete city without physical wired/fiber network presence.
  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi network with auto micro level user provisioning.
  • Seamless Mobility
  • No re-login required
  • Support 802.11u
  • Automatic Discovery of AP
  • Wi-Fi Roaming across City
  • Highly Secure WPA2-Enterprise authentication.
  • Two Phase authentication to ensure data integrity.
  • Support digital certificate to rule out unauthorized access to network/client.
  • Centralized cloud base layer 3 configuration and management dashboard.
  • Auto Registration, Forget Password, Recharge Account (with PIN or Coupons) and verification of User with OTP (One Time Password).
  • Flexible Users policies based on time (Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months etc) and data usage (Mb/Gb).

What solutions can  we  provide  :

  • We  Procure all Hardware  We will Install and test all   equipment.
  • We will Setup All software needed to operate the Network Center ( NOC)
  • We will Link up Internet Link Bandwidth from Cellular providers
  • We will Setup Control Center for   Initial 6 months

So  When  you  are  looking for  the  Best , Competitive  and  economical  WiFi  solutions  Just call  us !